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Blackjack vs. Super Fun 21

Derived from Blackjack, Super Fun 21 has similar mechanics, but different rules. The mechanics are so similar many novice card players sit down and think they are playing a single deck game of Blackjack. In Nevada, the game cannot be called Blackjack. Super Fun 21 is a fairly new novelty casino game that was created mainly for the tourists. Most Blackjack experts will avoid this game when possible.

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The similarities between the two games are mostly mechanical. For instance, aces can be counted as either a one or an eleven. Also all face cards within the deck are valued at ten with all other cards representing face value. Like Blackjack, the player bets 在线赌场 first and is dealt two cards face up. One of the dealer’s cards is dealt face up and one face down. The player has the option to hit or stay, just like in Blackjack.

On the other hand, there are specific differences that make Super Fun 21 unique from Blackjack including:

  • The dealer hits on soft 17
  • Players have the option to double down on any cards
  • The game is played with only 1-2 decks of cards
  • A hand that totals 21 with 5 or more cards pays 2 to 1
  • Players can split pairs up to four times
  • A hand that totals 20 or less with six cards automatically wins
  • Natural blackjack always wins

One of the biggest and most important variations is that the natural blackjack only pays even money. In a regular game of blackjack it pays 3 to 2. The exception to this rule is if the cards that make a natural Blackjack are of the diamond suit.

Like all other casino games, the house maintains the edge over the players. In this case, the house has an edge of 1.16 percent with a single deck of cards and 1.30 percent with a double deck. When searching for a Super Fun 21 game to play online casino JDL, find one that’s using a single deck, this will improve your winnings over the long term.

Super Fun 21 is a novelty game mainly played by tourists. After a few years, it may fall into the mainstream table games. The game is fairly easy to learn if you’re familiar with Blackjack. While the mechanics of the game are similar, there are many rules that differ. Super Fun 21 is an exciting substitute if you’re looking to try something new and exciting.


Online Casino Software – A Multifaceted Gaming Solution

Online casino software does far more than play your favorite casino games. Most platforms also include a variety of administrative tools needed to facilitate wagering and allow players to maintain their casino accounts. So what else can this software do? Here is an inside look at the inner workings of a typical gaming platform.

Facilitating Financial Transactions

One of the most important functions casino software performs is handling financial transactions. The leading providers create software equipped with the security protocols and features needed to ensure a secure environment for handling the player’s funds. Most software is also designed to support a variety of financial institutions. This generally includes credit card companies and online payment services that process transactions for internet gambling. Because the player’s account is directly connected to the games they choose to wager on, the software allows them to view their gaming history as well as the financial details that tell the player how much they have won or loss.

Bonus Features

Bonuses are a big draw on the online casino market. This is mainly because the industry has become so competitive in recent times. In order to cater to players with attractive incentives, casino software must able to properly keep track of bonuses and their special conditions. Wagering requirements are an important aspect of this process. It is the role of the gaming platform to determine whether these requirements have been met and if a player is eligible for the bonus payout. The software must also be able to block requests from players that attempt to withdraw a bonus when the wagering requirements have not been satisfied. It is a very complex undertaking, but an efficiently designed software solution makes sure it is all a seamless process.

Tournament Support

Many online casinos and poker rooms host tournaments on a regular basis. In order to provide this functionality, the gaming software requires an individual engine that facilitates tournament play. Most gambling operators have rules that state a player is only allowed to participate in a tournament once. Therefore, the software checks to ensure that the same player does not try to enter the same tournament more times than they are allowed to. In addition, the scores of all participating players must be tallied up and properly displayed, while the leader board must be continuously updated as new players enter the event. All of these capabilities and more must be included in the software to run a smooth online tournament.


Online casino is more than meets the eye for sure. However, players should not automatically assume the platform they wager on works like it is supposed to. Fortunately, reputable casino operators have their software tested for safety and fairness by trusted third-party agencies. Therefore, it would be wise to play at casinos that have proof to back up the overall reliability of their gaming platform.